David Suh Photography

"My name is Sahar Forouzanfar and I am a recent UC Davis graduate with a B.A in Communication and a minor in Film Studies.

Born and raised in Southern California, moving to Davis was definitely a new and refreshing experience for me. I decided to take up the opportunity to transfer to UC Davis from community college and continue my education in Northern California. I fell in love with this college town from its adoration for bicycles, environmental sustainability, and especially its diverse and welcoming community. As a first-generation Iranian-American college student, my parent’s move to the United States and continuous push to provide my brother and I the best resources and opportunities to further our education definitely played a great role in my own aspirations, morals, and goals growing up. Leading up to Davis, I knew being on my own for the very first time, meeting new people, and finding the balance between what I am passionate about and my academic career was going to be challenging yet fulfilling.

My time as a student at UC Davis has truly expanded my horizons and proved to me that there are so many opportunities out there for us to learn from in order to better our self and others around us. Three major extracurricular activities definitely helped shaped my character and goals. Joining a CoRec soccer team, becoming a photographer for the California Aggie, and being a Marketing and Design Board Member for Davis Women in Business. I always felt my time was truly invested well within my involvement in these organizations and I walked away with so much personal and professional growth. I have made long-lasting friendships from my soccer team, turned my hobby of photography into a professional skill, and have met some of the most empowering and driven women during my time working with Davis Women in Business. As the end of Spring Quarter was among us and it was a moment to reflect on my own experiences and involvement at UC Davis, I knew I wanted to have memorable photos to look back on and remember this important time in my life.

I discovered David Suh’s Photography through Instagram and instantaneously knew that I had to take a chance to reach out to him to see if I can book a grad photo session. The one thing that moved me the most is the authenticity within each of his photos. I saw through his previous work shared on his website and social media that the client’s true beauty and personality were all captured so organically on camera. From our first conversation, David truly took the time to know my goals, hobbies, and future aspirations, which gave me the confidence that he would totally make my photo shoot session not only memorable but also make it personalized with my vision and character in mind. His passion for photography truly illuminates through the entire photo session. Thanks to the help of Maggie (photo shoot stylist) and Dana (makeup artist), the entire photo session was professional yet comfortable and fun. As I take what I learn about self-growth and empowerment from my involvement in various organizations at UC Davis, it is priceless to meet new individuals, such as David Suh, at a time where doors close and new doors open, and find joy in the works of talented individuals, such as David Suh, who takes the time to provide growth, confidence, and empowerment to others through his own pursuit of happiness and career ambitions.

As I enter post-grad life, there are a few valuable words I’d love to share from my time here in Davis. With every new experience and stepping stone in life, there is always so much to learn and so many ways to shape your future. You never know who you will meet along the way that will help you feel motivated and inspired as well. Mistakes and hardships will be present in our lives but our choices moving forward is what will allow us to reflect and grow from these experiences.

Many years from now, I will look back at these photos and be able to truly reflect on my challenges and successes that allowed me to grow and shape the confident woman that I am. Thank you David Suh, Maggie, and Dana for allowing me to experience a glam day of hair, makeup, new friendships, and beautiful keepsake photos that my family and I will cherish forever."

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