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Introducing Naomi as a Member of David Suh Photography 

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Some of you may already know Naomi. Maybe you have seen clips of her on social media, photos on my feed, or you may have met her at the studio. She has been working with David Suh Photography for the last 6 months as my assistant and stylist during our shoots. So, why introduce her now?

The new year, as you know, has brought on some changes for DSP; new location, expanded wardrobe, intimate portraits, and more Naomi. She is now officially part of the team working both on and off shoots. With a great creative eye and background in design, Naomi will be working with me more closely organizing and producing photo shoots, as well as with clients to create an even better experience. Get a scoop of who she is, and how we met!

Who is she?


Naomi has lived in Davis for almost 20 years. Originally from Oakland (she’s definitely got that Oakland flavor!), Naomi moved to Davis with her mom and her 2 siblings in the late 90s. Raised by a single mom, Naomi’s biggest influence in her life has been women. A single mom herself, Naomi decided to pursue college, as her desire to shape her life according to what she enjoys, never settling, and never ever giving up, is important to her. Naomi recently graduated from UC Davis with a BA in Design. Her emphasis is in fashion, which is perfect for the studio, and very fun for our clients.

How did we meet?


I met Naomi in an “Intro to Fashion” course at UC Davis. Not a surprise to see Naomi in that class, but ME?? I was in over my head! Making patterns and sewing garments? Totally new for me. It was apparent that Naomi had skill in this area. I think it was apparent that I did not, because she consistently offered her help with projects. 

I saw Naomi sitting on the grass outside of the design building after class one day. I sat down with her and we started chatting. She told me about her daughter, Darla. She is a student and a mom?! I was impressed. Totally inspired. Capturing her story through photography was important to me. I wanted this shoot to capture the bond Naomi has with her mom and her daughter, so that meant bringing them into it too. When I presented the idea to her, it was a solid, YES.

Naomi and her family totally rocked it! That family is magic. It was a beautiful experience. It was special.


Why is Naomi so important to DSP?


I have said it already, she is incredibly skilled as a designer, but it goes beyond that. Naomi is a consistent friend. Her positive, upbeat attitude is the kind of energy I want at the studio. She’s solid! And for those of you who know her, it is easy to say, she is a lot of fun. She’s got the right amount of attitude, or as she calls it, “sass”, with a genuine light hearted, and down to earth nature. I want that for my business. My team is a family. Did I forget to mention? She’s got fabulous style! When clients sit down for a style consultation with Naomi, they will receive guidance from one of the best.  

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