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What's new for David Suh Photography in 2018?

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Del Rio Lofts_Studio_DSP

Big news for the new year! David Suh Photography would like to invite you to the new studio. We are now located at Del Rio Lofts, a new development that includes a combination of commercial and residential space for creative professionals. This is very exciting for the David Suh Photography team. We can now offer our clients an even better experience. Ample natural light flows into the space highlighting your best features. The expanded space means there is more room to have even more fun. Want to see what the hype is all about? Let’s take a tour! 

Home Sweet Home
Del Rio Lofts_Studio_Entrance_DSP

Del Rio Lofts have a contemporary urban character. We love having this in Davis!  

Del Rio Lofts have a contemporary urban character. We love having this in Davis!

Applying the David Suh Photography decal to the front entrance was a big moment for us. We laughed about it feeling ceremonial, but it really was special. Moments like these remind us how much we have learned, grown, and developed. How grateful we are. How proud we should be.

One of our favorite things about the new space?...THE LIGHT!


Del Rio Lofts_Make Up_Studio_DSP

Eman sits at the end of what we call, the “Last Supper” table, having her makeup done by one of our artists, Veronica.

Look at all that beautiful nature light filling the room. In a creative workspace good lighting is essential. The lofts were designed to encourage active professionals to thrive, developing further in their field of work.

Going BIG


Check these out! These beauties just came in last week. You wouldn’t guess it from David’s expression, but we are very excited to have these two extra large portraits printed, framed, and up in the studio.

Can’t get over how fun it is meeting with clients in the new space. The room is filled with fresh energy. Take a look at one of the new wall pieces. One of the best of David Suh Photography. It feels so good to have the opportunity to showcase beautiful and grand pieces such as the gorgeous portrait of Lauren you see in this photo. The original studio location of David Suh Photography had it’s charm, but it was time to expand from our humble beginnings.

Del Rio Lofts_Studio_Consult_DSP

Documenting the process

Take a peek at our client wardrobe. Such a fun collection of sequins, velvet, gold, and more. Come visit us to get the full tour of what we have to offer.

Del Rio Lofts_Promo_Studio_Sean_DSP

I guess you can say this is a, “behind the scenes of behind the scenes.” Kind of like taking a photo of somebody taking a photo. Sean came in last week and filmed a promo video for David Suh Photography (soon to be released btw) introducing the new studio. That posture though?! That’s not easy. That’s commitment to getting the shot.

The perfect space

Del Rio Lofts_Studio_Shooting Room_Shadow

What’s that quote they always say on cribs when the celebrity enters the bedroom? “This is where the magic happens?” I feel like this is one of those moments. I introduce to you: THE SHOOTING ROOMIn love with all the natural light we get in the shooting room, while still remaining discrete for our clients. It is an open, airy, light filled room; perfect for shooting. Another new addition is the white couch. Pretty clean, huh? Makes us think of Mad Men. It has this kind of cool business sophistication. Very fun to shoot with!

Del Rio Lofts_Shooting Room_Shadow_Nap_DSP

And after a day of shooting it is definitely time for a, NAP. At least Shadow seems to think so. It has been fun showing you around the new place and sharing peeks of what we do. Now it is time for you to come in and see it for yourself and we can plan your next big shoot for 2018.



  1. Nick Yoon on February 1, 2018 at 7:23 am

    This feels like a coming of age and I’m so happy for you David! You don’t get to see many BTS of photographers and this is something so special man 🙏🏽🔥💯
    Cheers to the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David Suh on February 1, 2018 at 11:03 pm

      You’re the man Nick! Thanks so much for the love and I’m excited for both of us!

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