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Why You Need Portraits in 2018

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We are three days away from a new year. Yea I know - It's that awkward time between Christmas and New Year's where you lose track of time because everything is a holiday blur. You're probably reflecting back on all the memories from 2017 and thinking "wow that went by fast." You're also very well likely making your New Year's resolutions.

With that being said, it's the perfect time to talk about portraits and why you'll be needing them going into the new year. 

It's time to celebrate you
Typically we have in our New Year resolution describing what we want the new year to be like. Perhaps it's "2018 is going to be a joyful year" or "2018 is going be an affluent year." While there are certainly many great options, I'm going to challenge you to make it a year of celebration.

Too many times, a celebration is a reactionary event. A baby is born, teen graduates from high school, a couple gets married, or when an employee gets a raise are common events that are celebrated in our societies which are great, but what about the other days? 

Especially living in such a social media heavy world where it makes it so easy to make life about comparisons to others, I believe celebrating you and that around you is so important. 

Now I'm not saying you should be throwing a 16th birthday party scale parties every day, but it's more of the mindset and the small actions. Taking small steps to accept you for who you are in your space and this branches out towards your relationships. Celebrate you, your beauty, your achievements, and your relationships. It's like asking questions like "why should we only celebrate ourselves on our birthdays" or "why should mom be celebrated on mother's day." Which then now brings us to how this all ties into portraiture.


Portraiture is about celebration

David Suh Photography has always been about giving the everyday woman a magazine style portrait experience and when I have that conversation with others, the first question that most think of is "why do I need portraits?"

The answer is simple (and you probably guessed correctly because I spent 4 previous paragraphs to set this up): to celebrate you.

I get it. It's not every day you're walking through downtown thinking you need portraits of yourself. It's not so much a necessity like a headshot, newborn photos, or wedding photos. But when you go back to thinking about learning to be okay with celebrating and embracing you - portraits become relevant.

So it's about celebrating you for who you are today. Your beauty, your love, your accomplishments, and your relationships. But don't get me wrong, my clients arent' all super divas that already went through years of celebration. The majority of my clients are very down-to-earth people that don't ask for a lot of attention and in fact are usually on the fence about celebrating themselves. And I love that my team and I can give them a day about them. A day to get pampered, feel like a celebrity, and simply feel absolutely amazing. The portraits are only a byproduct of the incredible experience and hopefully, it helps my clients get into the culture of celebrating them.

And there's one last reason why you need to get portraits in 2018: preservation. 


Preservation of you in time

When you step in front of my camera, time freezes. You have a camera lens in front of you, a backdrop behind you, and the spotlight is on you. You're the star of the day and we're capturing portraits of you in that time so that those portraits can be cherished by you, your family, your children, and grandchildren for decades and generations. And there's something incredible about that. 

Capture your children's youth because they grow up way too fast. Capture your teenage years because yearbook photos just won't cut it. Capture your 20's and 30's beauty and youth because this is when real life starts taking over. Capture your 40's and up so your children can have beautiful photos to remember you by when they were being nurtured. It's never too early or never too late. Portraiture is one of the few things in life that increase in value over time. 


Final Words

Make an investment in yourself and your future and let's start 2018 with a bang. Let's make it an incredible year together. 

If you're reading this today, 29th of December, you have 3 days left to decide. Book a free consult with me for January within the remaining days of the year. I'll give you a personal tour of the new studio, talk to you about our process, show you our new products, and talk about how you want to be photographed. And then you get to decide if you want to book a session. Which if you do, you'll get the 2017 prices. And if you decide not to, that's more than okay!

You simply need to email me to say hey or even simpler now, on the bottom right corner anywhere on my website there's a blue button where you can message me.  

I can't wait to create incredible portraits of you and the entire team at David Suh Photography wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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