We empower the everyday people and capture the unique beauty of individual existence at our portrait photography studio in Los Angeles.

We empower the everyday people and capture the unique beauty of individual existence at our portrait photography studio in Los Angeles.

David Suh Photography

David Suh Photography

“Whatever is holding you back from doing it, trust me I had reservations about it all (distance, money, unsure of my ability to photograph well, etc.). The crew is so easy to work with and will help you along the way to build you up, both emotionally and in technique with regards to what looks good on film. They know what they’re doing and want you to know how beautiful you really are.” — MOLLY

Trust me, I had reservations about it all

"Something new I discovered about myself is that it was  like a reintroduction-I am that fun, “extra”, confident and caring person after all. I just lost that for a long time, and it feels good to come back with a stronger version of all those things. Give yourself the chance to be pampered and do it! Not only will you look amazing, but do know that you’re in good hands. At the end of it, you’ll thank yourself that you did." — NICOLE

You'll thank yourself

What Our Clients Say

We are more than a photography studio; our space is designed to honor yourself and set intentions for who you want to see in your portraits.

From a private makeup room to a dedicated team ready to celebrate your individuality, we craft a safe space where you can thrive and express yourself authentically.

Elevate your photoshoot with personalized styling.

From curating four unique outfits to luxuriating in our hair and makeup seat, our goal is to ensure you feel like the true star of your own story. 

Experience the magic as David Suh, your guide through the photography journey, effortlessly brings out your inner model.

In our fully guided posing sessions, discover your photogenic self and leave the portrait shoot with a newfound sense of confidence.

Safe Space for Self-Expression

Tailored Styling Experience

Effortless Posing, Boundless Confidence

EXPERIENCE a photoshoot that BRINGS OUT YOUR INNER CONFIDENCE AND shows you that you are more than enough as you are.

Unveil Your True self through a portrait experience.



— David Suh

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"Imagine a space where you feel in control of your confidence, your movement, and your moment. A space that allows you to for once not feel ashamed, judged, or nervous about being in front of the camera, but instead, excitement, passion, and empowerment. I will be your sherpa to that space."




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