You want a
photoshoot but you...

Don't think you are photogenic enough

Have no clue how to pose

Feel nervous and awkward in front of the camera

Have never seen a beautiful photo of yourself

Don't feel seen or heard

From your own private make-up room and bathroom to a dream team to help celebrate you in a beautiful photography studio, we make sure we curate a safe space for you to bring out your divine energy.

We take care of you from start to finish. From planning your shoot with 4 outfits to getting you pampered in our makeup seat, we remind you that you are the star of the show.

Be ready to have your mind blown as David bring out your inner model within minutes by guiding you through every single movement and pose. It's up to us to show you how photogenic you are. Watch out - you'll be exhausted at the end of your 2-hour shoot!

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Safe Space to Thrive

Individualized Styling

Fully Guided Posing

Discover a photoshoot experience that shows you that you are more than enough as you are and brings out your inner confidence.

You can love the person in your portraits.

"Imagine a space where you feel in control of your confidence, your movement, and your moment. A space that allows you to for once not feel ashamed, judged, or nervous about being in front of the camera, but instead, excitement, passion, and empowerment. I will be your sherpa to that space."

- David Suh

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David's Portfolio

We know how important visual representation is when it comes to trusting a photographer. Take a look at David's work of his beautiful clients of all different backgrounds.

Discover what it means to celebrate your authentic self

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The DSP Experience & Pricing

We pride ourselves in offering a luxury experience to all our clients and taking care of them from start to finish - which means from planning your first shoot ever to producing beautifully framed and ready to hang wall arts for your home.

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What Our Clients Say

“Whatever is holding you back from doing it, trust me I had reservations about it all (distance, money, unsure of my ability to photograph well, etc.). The crew is so easy to work with and will help you along the way to build you up, both emotionally and in technique with regards to what looks good on film. They know what they’re doing and want you to know how beautiful you really are.” -  Molly

"Trust me, I had reservations about it all..."

"Something new I discovered about myself is that it was  like a reintroduction-I am that fun, “extra”, confident and caring person after all. I just lost that for a long time, and it feels good to come back with a stronger version of all those things. Give yourself the chance to be pampered and do it! Not only will you look amazing, but do know that you’re in good hands. At the end of it, you’ll thank yourself that you did." - Nicole

"You'll thank yourself."

“David was really friendly and outgoing, and he knew how to effectively take portraits of people. It’s more than just showing up ready to go and saying “cheese”. He hires a makeup artist to do your hair and makeup, poses you, and gets to know you to be able to give you the best product. David is worth the price and he will deliver in giving you the portraits that you deserve.” - Kirstie

"David is worth the price and he will give you the portraits you deserve."

See if we are right for
you. (We totally are.)

See if we are
right for you. (We totally are.)

Get a guided walk through of working with David Suh Photography, and find out how you can forever change the way you celebrate yourself through portraits.

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self-doubts eaten for breakfast

our community has a confidence lvl. of over 9000

re-learned what it means to be photogenic

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Hi, I'm David Suh

I help the every day people unlock their potential and find new, exciting ways to find confidence and empowerment through portraits. Let's reshape the way we think about photos of us: It's for us first, and then for others second.