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You've gone way too long without cherishing the woman you've become. All that you've accomplished and been through is due for a celebration of you.

Get a new look on the way you see yourself and your beauty. There is no such thing as being photogenic, just bad photographers. Let David show you all that you are and can be.

Create portraits that will last the test of time and be passed down from generation to generation. This is an investment that will only grow as time passes.

When was the last time you loved the person in your photo? A beautiful portrait of you is the key to transforming the way you see yourself.

But it's not easy re-imagining you as a confident, beautiful star that loves being in front of the camera! That's why I created an experience and atmosphere that allows you bring your inner Queen and be unapologetically in love with yourself.

Your Session with David includes


The first thing you'll receive after a booking a shoot with David will be a beautiful Welcome Packet with: a Welcome Letter, a Style Guide, a Beauty Guide, and a Pricing Menu. Think of it as a comprehensive guide to getting ready for your photoshoot!

01 - Welcome Packet

Welcome Packet

01 -


A big part of your photoshoot is your outfits and designing the shoot as it plays a big role in the outcome of your portraits. David makes sure to go through the whole design process with you at the comfort of your own home or a video call on request.

02 - Style Consult


02 -


On the day of your shoot, you'll be greeted by David and a Makeup Artist who will be pampering you so you can bring out your most confident self. 

03 - Professional Make-Up & Hair

Professional Makeup & Hair

03 -


The best part of the whole experience - the photoshoot with David! Some describe it as a therapy session, a workout, or a confidence booster. David makes sure to guide you through every pose and even shows it to you so you don't have to guess.

04 - Fully Guided Photoshoot

Fully Guided

04 -


The reveal session is where you get to see all your hard work and happy dance over your gorgeous portraits! This is where you get to choose which images you love and which products to purchase. Every image you purchase with David comes with a digital version and a printed version.

05 - Reveal Session

Reveal Session

05 -


You don't have any beautiful portraits of you and you trust me when I say it's the photographer's fault and not your's.


You know your age doesn't define your beauty and is simply a number.


You're DONE with society telling you what you should and shouldn't do.


You believe beauty is complex and can't be measured with the number of likes on Instagram or Facebook.


It's been way too long since you've done something good for yourself.


You believe this isn't about vanity and that it's okay to get pampered, feel beautiful, and celebrate you.


You know the portraits I will create for you is FOREVER - a legacy for you and all the people you love to cherish for generations. 


You believe that real > perfect, and that "perfect" is a unicorn.


You made it through all of these.
You are super awesome and I would LOVE to photograph you.



I want to be as confident as BEYONCE

join the 100+ other women
that did this for themselves

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session fee \ $3350

Your session fee covers a luxury photography experience with professional makeup & hairstyling, outfit consults, a variety of looks for your portrait session, and 6 images. (Every image purchased at the studio comes with the edited digital version & a 5x7 matted and printed image).

Additional images are purchased separately after your photoshoot at your Reveal Session where you get to choose your favorite portraits and decide how you want to enjoy them. Our clients spend an average of $7000 with us which includes 12 images and a 16x24 framed Wall Art.

Words of Praise from Clients

“Whatever is holding you back from doing it, trust me I had reservations about it all (distance, money, unsure of my ability to photograph well, etc.). The crew is so easy to work with and will help you along the way to build you up, both emotionally and in technique with regards to what looks good on film. They know what they’re doing and want you to know how beautiful you really are.” -  Molly

"Trust me, I had reservations about it all..."

"Something new I discovered about myself is that it was  like a reintroduction-I am that fun, “extra”, confident and caring person after all. I just lost that for a long time, and it feels good to come back with a stronger version of all those things. Give yourself the chance to be pampered and do it! Not only will you look amazing, but do know that you’re in good hands. At the end of it, you’ll thank yourself that you did." - Nicole

"You'll thank yourself."

“I love that there was never an awkward moment and it was fun from the moment I sat down with Veronica to get my make-up done. Veronica did an awesome job on my make up and hair. David knew what poses complimented me most and literally made me laugh almost the whole shoot. We had tons of fun. Go for it! I was always on the fence to do a shoot like this but so glad I finally stepped out of my comfort zone. I didn’t think I could look as good as some of the girls do in their pictures but David definitely works his magic to capture beauty in everyone. This shoot boosted my confidence and made me realize I should have done this sooner. It is a great experience and I look forward to doing it again!” - Jessica

"Literally made me laugh the whole shoot."

“David was really friendly and outgoing, and he knew how to effectively take portraits of people. It’s more than just showing up ready to go and saying “cheese”. He hires a makeup artist to do your hair and makeup, poses you, and gets to know you to be able to give you the best product. David is worth the price and he will deliver in giving you the portraits that you deserve.” - Kirstie

"David is worth the price and he will give you the portraits you deserve."

“My favorite part about working together would be the entire team. David is amazing and I love that he helped me find poses that complimented me. Veronica was so talented and made me feel like a million bucks when I got off her vanity station chair, and she went out of her way to even curl Rori’s hair and put a little bit of lipstick on for her. It was such a great mommy and daughter experience. This team was phenomenal! It’s not about vanity. This entire experience is about emotions, finding yourself, having memories for yourself and for your children to hold on to, re-discovering yourself and finding that love for yourself.” - Jennifer

"Felt like a MILLION bucks."

“Just do it! Seriously, you won’t regret it! Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You are so beautiful and if you just trust David to make you look amazing on camera, he will do exactly that. It’s so fun to get all done up, wear outfits you might not wear every day and then just own it in front of the camera!” - Hailey

"You won't regret it!"

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